Kansas City COVID-19
Medical Response Team


Blue Diamond Medical and Nez Health Inc are coordinating to provide COVID-19 medical assistance to South Kansas City communities. A special medical team will respond to the call of the individual or family having the underlying symptoms of the virus using telehealth services and the team’s three-tier approach to triage and treat the virus.

If you want to report a case, please tell us what your symptoms are and what your zip code is. It is important that even if you are having mild symptoms that you report it, We can start collecting clusters of information. If you are interested in registering with our concierge medicine service for COVID-19, please register here to start the process.

Our Employees are WHO Certified


We Offer Thorough Background Checks and Reviews


Clients We Work With

We are proud to be leaders in the medical space and involved in several areas within the medical community.
We are active in the refugee crisis, disaster action team, and DART Preparedness with among other great organizations.

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